Windsor Stone


295 x 130 x 203
Colours: Charcoal, Sunstone, Oatmeal

Using elegant Windsor stone, you can create eye-catching garden and retaining walls up to heights of one metre. The Windsor stone inter-locking system allows you to stack the blocks easily. You can construct professional-looking curved, concave, and convex walling with no effort or specialist equipment required.

Windsor Stone can also be used to create pathways and foot traffic roads by placing them on top of traditionally compacted bases and level concrete pads, or you can ask us about other base block alternatives.

We stock new look Windsor Stone designs, such as the recently released flush face with rough textured stone feature. Older Windsor Stone designs were split-face, and the new heavily textured face blocks adds a more natural dimension to the finish. A flush stone face feature eliminates the more typically seen wedge indent front face. This means Windsor Stone with this feature is more suitable to use in decorative gardening or lawn edging.

Available in three colours guaranteed to suit the layout in any Australian garden, our Windsor Stone collection is sure to become your preferred hard garden surface of choice.




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