Versawall ®


215 x 200 x 400
Colours: Charcoal, Sunstone, Oatmeal

Versawall blocks by adbri masonry are natural texture, large, split face blocks with a specially patented interlocking system. The Versawall interlock system means the blocks stack and lock together quickly and easily, making them the ideal choice for anyone wanting to go it alone with their gardening project.

The end result will bring you a wall or retaining edge that has an organic, natural rock appearance. The ease with which the Versawall stack together makes them one of the best ways to install retaining wall segments, planter boxes, and garden bed edges as a DIY project.

You are sure to find your preferred wall colour within the Versawall range. The natural rock look includes colours: functional charcoal, organic oatmeal, burnished sunstone, Bondi beach sand, and port wine blend. Build your unreinforced vertical, commercial, or residential retaining walls quickly and easily using Versawall blocks.




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