Are you looking to grow your very own vegetables at home?

We’ve made it so much easier for you to do by creating our very own Vegie Mix Compost – guaranteed to give your summer and winter vegetable crops a head start!

What are the main ingredients in our Vegie Mix, you may ask? Only the finest soil enhancing constituents:

• Mushroom compost – The commercial mushroom growers secret to success. When you amend your soil with judicious amounts of mushroom compost, it heats up the ground and provides it with nutrients.
• Other components, such as organically composted straw, peat, chicken manure, crushed meal, and potash (in varying amounts).
• Lots and lots of beneficial bacteria to provide the perfect balance of nutrients.

Vegetables love our Vegie Mix Composting Soil with a high PH level. When you use it in your vegetable garden, it works with the soil to produce well-drained earth and plenty of nutrients to feed the plants at every stage of their growth.

By using PBC Vegie Mix, you won’t need good luck to make your vegetables grow because well-fed soil creates strong, fast-growing, nutrient-rich plants.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your vegetable garden when it’s in full bloom!

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