Premium Under Turf

PBC product Underturf -3979

The success of your newly laid turf depends on what’s underneath! you should ideally have 100mm of good quality soil. Say hello to Under Turf. Available at bulk rates from the yard in quantities as low as 1/4 of a m3 (about 2-3 wheelbarrows), bring in your trailer or ute and we will load you up. 

Doing a large job we have bulk rates for 13 ton loads that include delivery 

Our PBC Premium Under Turf is a sandy, finely screened soil that’s perfect for levelling the ground underneath turf. It also great when used as a top dressing after winds and heavy rains have brought lumps and bumps with it. Using under turf on your lawn is the same as waving a magic wand – perfectly level grounds with one application.

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