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PBC Landscape Supplies are your one stop shop for all landscaping and paving supplies, including turf on the Gold Coast. Using high quality turf ensures you’ll have a beautiful, luscious lawn while being the envy of your neighbours.

Tips Regarding Topsoil on the Gold Coast

  • Know your soil: You need to know what type of soil you have before you embark on your garden project. Purchasing compatible topsoil on the Gold Coast is imperative to ensure plant life can obtain the required nutrients.
  • Soil improver: Ensure you add a soil improver to your soil before adding topsoil if your soil is nutrient deficient. Improve your soil over time by adding small amounts of organic matter to at regular intervals.
  • Suitable plants: Understanding your soil type enables you to select plants which suit your soil and pH. Regardless of whether your soil is clay, sandy, silty, acidic or alkaline, there are numerous plants suited to each of these types.

Why trust PBC Landscape Supplies as your turf suppliers on the Gold Coast

Selecting the correct variant of turf from your turf suppliers on the Gold Coast is vital for a beautiful lawn. Plan your garden purchases and consider the purpose of the area where you wish to lay turf, as this will determine which kind is best suited to your objectives. Our team is proficient – lean on them for guidance in this regard.

  • Speciality formulation: Our own formulated soil is suited to local growing conditions with an optimum mix of nutrients, density and drainage. Thomas’ understanding of landscaping needs has enabled us to develop a soil adapted to the Queensland area.
  • Staff training: The saying goes ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken’, our owner-manager has a knack for dealing with customers and delivering outstanding customer service to create the best possible environment for you. Our yard is practically laid out and well stocked. To create the best experience for our customers, Thomas personally trains staff to meet his high level of a customer-satisfaction-guaranteed version of service.
  • Sincere approach: Our goal is to help our customers by educating them regarding correct methods and procedures for using all our products, also to fully understand what each customer’s project entails enabling us to assist them in all aspects of their landscaping needs better.

Why choose PBC Landscape Supplies

The PBC Landscaping yard is set out in such a way that it has a large display area separate from the storage area, where you can see the majority of our products on display. This setup makes it easier for you when needing to decide on which item you would like to use to complete your project.

Feedback from our customers inspires us to keep improving service levels and product offerings.

Why not drop in and experience our super-duper, friendly, efficient service.