500 x 500 x 40

Colours: Chalk, Smoke

We recommend using Travertine pavers for pool surrounds, pedestrian pathways, and stairs. These ultra-premium concrete pavers conjure up an organically aged atmosphere of serene elegance and luxury.

The look is one of stone fashioned and cut by master stonemasons in by-gone days. These lovingly crafted pavers – no two the same – have a naturally olden-day appearance because of the unfilled travertine stone surface. Travertine stoneworks pavers are available in 500 x 500mm large format and three contemporary, timeless colour choices: cooling smoke, creamy chalk, and dusky bluestone.

Because Travertine stoneworks pavers are available at a price considerably less than that of hand-cut stone products, these pavers are perfect for anyone who has a large surface area to cover and who wants to keep some in storage in case of further expansion. Travertine is also an excellent low-maintenance option. If you would like to know more about this or any other of our range of products, please contact us today.



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