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Tips for DIY Landscaping

Have you ever experienced getting awestruck by a lovely garden or a cozy front yard? Did you find yourself wishing you could have the same? or Have a Small Backyard? Well, look no further because here are some tips on how you could master the art of landscaping…as a beginner.


Look at your yard from a distance and try to imagine how it will look like. Start working on the hardscape before anything else. Ask questions like: Do you want your pathway to have pebbles, your sidewalk accented with big rocks, or have a wooden walkway? It is also important to clear the clutter before setting up the working on your soft scape.

Beautify with Flowers and Plants

If you wish to have flowers and plants, also consider toiling your soil. Making your soil healthy will help in the success of your gardening. You may also want to consider if you have a green thumb because not everyone has this skill. You can have a theme or sets of flowers and plants that will look good together. It is advisable to start on a small area first for a couple of days or weeks just to see what it will look like and if you will enjoy the scene. It is also best to start planting near your house as it will accentuate your house more.

Establish the View

When you are done with the garden, you can start planning where to put things or where to do the activities you want. Consider the sun and wind patterns. You do not want to stay on a porch directly under the sunlight, do you? If you prefer a little privacy, you may install a fence or gate according to your style. Remember that the view should be as enjoyable as it is relaxing if you want activities in your backyard. Planning this with your family is a good idea. Not everyone has the same thoughts on things they want to do in their backyards especially if you have kids. Make the area fun and safe for children too.

Accent it with your Style

It is a good thing to have a centrepiece that will stand out from the rest of the objects in your yard. It may be a fountain, a statue, a big pot, or anything that will catch the viewers eyes. You can do this while expressing your personality and taste. Always remember though that everything should look good together. The colours should complement each other too. It may not be pleasing if there is so much going on.

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