premium potting mix_60l

Simply the best premium potting mix available on the market. 

Premium Potting Mix is the ideal blend for both a quick start and long-term sustained feed for all plants. Boosted with quality slow and controlled release fertiliser, it feeds your plants for 12-14 months.

Premium Potting Mix is a unique blend of organic composted material, coir fibre, slow release fertilisers, zeolite, fish & seaweed extract, gypsum, lime, iron, natural rock trace elements and a natural wetting agent.


Benefits of Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix:

  • * Excellent growing results from a 3 stage fertiliser addition
  • * Provides nutrients to plants for over 12 months
  • * Superior moisture retention properties with excellent drainage
  • * Contains Coconut Fibre and Coconut Chip; a renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly product
  • * Professional nursery grade potting mix
  • * Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified to Australian Standards 3743 for a Premium Grade Potting Mix

What’s in Premium Potting Mix?

  • * Slow & Controlled Release Fertiliser – For over 12 months of sustained feeding
  • * Granular Wetting Agent – For maximum water retention
  • * Coconut Fibre & Coconut Chip – An organic water saver & root stimulator
  • * Fish & Seaweed Extracts – For stronger, healthier plant growth
  • * Zeolite – For less fertilising & less watering
  • * Organic Compost – Superior nutrient availability
  • * Balanced Input of Trace Elements – Plant multivitamins
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