With an attractive texture, and the ability to protect and enrich your soil, Rocky Point‘s Pine Bark Mulch is proof that you can have looks and brains!

A by-product of locally sourced timber, this long lasting, water saving, weed suppressing mulch is great news for your garden, and even better news for the environment!


Benefits of Rocky Point Pine Bark Mulch:

  • Highly decorative
  • Provides savings in watering costs
  • Value for money – economical 50 L bag
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Pine bark breaks down slowly, enriching the soils through microbial activity
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Insulates against extreme hot or cold temperatures

Hoop Pine Bark is a curly, organic brown material with a roughened texture. The colours of this product vary from a deep natural brown to lighter hues of reds and pinks. Hoop pine bark or curly bark is the ideal material to help eliminate weeds and keep them permanently at bay.

As a mulch, it breaks down slowly to add rich nutrients to the soil. Hoop pine bark is long-lasting and helps ground retain its moisture for longer. This is useful information to know if you stay in a drier region of the country.

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