Pavers Gold Coast

Add Pavers to your Gold Coast Property and Make Your Home Stand Out

Pavers on the Gold Coast add style and finish to the exterior of your home. A clay brick driveway adds drama to the front of your home and, concrete pavers offer endless design options for your outdoor living space. PBC Landscape Supplies carries a vast array of paving stones, and we can help you with the design for a perfect home improvement project.

Key Questions to Ask PBC Landscape Supplies About Clay Pavers on the Gold Coast

Clay pavers on the Gold Coast may be an option for your driveway, courtyard or patio areas.

  • Are they durable? Properly fired clay pavers will stand up to vehicle use and move with the ground underneath unlike concrete slabs that are susceptible to cracking.
  • Do they fade? Clay pavers on the Gold Coast are made from natural clay from the earth and are resistant to fading which means the colour you choose will last for years with proper maintenance.
  • Are they slick when wet? The naturally textured surface offers non-slip qualities that is perfect for walkways and around swimming pools to prevent injuries.

Related Services We Provide for Concrete Pavers on the Gold Coast

Installing concrete pavers on the Gold Coast instead of pouring a concrete slab offers many benefits.

  • Concrete pavers on the Gold Coast cost less than a concrete slab and replacing cracked, or broken sections is less expensive than costly slab repairs. Simply remove the broken pieces and replace them with new ones quickly and easily.
  • Our concrete pavers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours so you can design a pattern that appeals to you and enjoy the finished product for years.
  • If you need help with your design, we are available to assist you in creating a design that appeals to you. We love to help our customers produce quality results and offer advice to ensure your pathway is level and drains well.

Why Choose PBC Landscape Supplies?

Our vast selection of pavers on the Gold Coast ensures you will find the right look for your home. Our helpful staff have been in the business for over 20 years and keep up with current trends and materials, so you are assured of acquiring the best quality materials for your outdoor project. We not only deliver to your home but we deliver superior customer service along with our quality materials. Our competitive pricing makes outdoor improvements affordable. We offer our products to the general public and contractors, so everyone benefits from high quality products for their projects.

For more information on our products and design services, contact our friendly staff or take a gander at our DIY blogs to get ideas for your outdoor project. We are always happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way to make sure your project will be successful and last for years. Ask us about our mulches that help your soil retain moisture and provide a delicate balance with your finished pavers.