Natural Impressions ® Flagstone


Block 300 x 100 x 175
Cap 300 x 50 x 200
Colours: Bluestone, Sandstone, Ironstone

Natural impressions flagstone blocks offer you a unique and easy way to add DIY retaining walls to your garden. The system features a selection of five different block profiles from which to choose. When you have created your desired configuration, natural impressions flagstone blocks give your garden the illusion of containing naturally stacked and laid stone walls

Because the system has been designed to be DIY-friendly, the blocks are simple and easy to stack as a solo gardening project. The finished result looks neat and impressive, with the appearance of flagstones solidly laid with cement. This is due to the blocks’ blended natural-look colour and design.

You will be able to build walling up to 80cm in height without having to reinforce (heights subject to the certification regulations at your local council). Natural impressions flagstone block systems are the ideal solution for steps, garden bed edging, curved, and straight walls.




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