Natural Impressions ® Duostone


Block 300 x 100 x 160
Cap 300 x 50 200
Colours: Graphite, Ash

Yet another unique offering from the folks at adbri masonry, Natural ImpressionsÒ have a duo-stone range of blocks that features contrasting natural stone textural appearance with a smooth, contemporary surface. This random fusion of textures results in DIY finished walls that can boast a truly modern, linear, architectural appeal.

Retaining walls can often prove to be the one feature that provides your garden landscape with the point of difference it needs to stand out and add value to your property. It can also be a much needed necessity when it stabilises sloping ground or prevents further flood damage to your garden. Retaining walls can be used to block undesirable views, give additional privacy, or provide the framework around which your garden clusters.

The Natural Impressions DIY-friendly, patented “rear lip” system makes it super-easy to stack the blocks. The contrasting face textures have natural rock finish on every block, so you won’t lose time trying to mix and match. Duo-stone allows you to build unreinforced walls up to 80cm in height because of the specialist engineered design. For straight wall, curved garden walling, garden bed segmentation, planter boxes, and veggie patches.



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