PBC product Nambucca 40mm-015

No river stone or pebble inventory would be complete without providing large quantities of Nambucca River Pebbles to the discerning gardener or landscaper. This stunning premium quality material consists of beautiful naturally rounded river pebbles in subtle pastel colours.

Nambucca River Pebbles provide a neutral balance to a garden. Think river-shaped stones in deep reflective blues, sea bleached whites, delicate greys, warm creams, restrained rusts, and understated purples. Whatever the chosen colour theme in your garden, you are sure to find a focal point tonality when you contour or cover with Nambucca River Pebbles.

If you want the colours in your garden provided for you by nature, get ready to complement your dream garden with Nambucca River Pebbles. 20 to 40mm.

Other sizes in the Nambucca Range: 10mm, 20mm and 50-150mm.

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