Landscaping Rocks Gold Coast

PBC Landscape Supplies Offers a Unique Range of Landscaping Rocks on the Gold Coast

Landscaping rocks in any Gold Coast garden can create visual interest to your property. You can create interest by adding rocks and pebbles of various shapes, sizes, and colours, creating a unique space for you and your family to enjoy.

When Buying Landscaping Pebbles in Gold Coast Consider This

There are several factors to consider when choosing landscaping pebbles for your yard or garden project. Three key considerations are your purpose for adding rocks, the location of buried utilities, and the desired appearance of your yard or garden project.

  • Consider your purpose for adding pebbles to your garden. Stones can be used to build retaining walls, create privacy, or separate different areas in your garden. You can also provide water to butterflies, and other insects that are beneficial to your garden plants by building a water feature. A fountain that incorporates rocks and pebbles can create a soothing environment to be enjoyed after a challenging workday. Also, flat stones can be used as pavers, producing a rustic or more natural looking walkway in your garden.
  • Make sure you know the location of any water pipes or electrical conduits when planning your garden. When adding landscaping rocks avoid placing large stones above these pipes or conduits, or in areas where you will need to bury future utilities. You want to make sure you can access pipes without disturbing the features in your garden.
  • The type of rocks you choose will impact the final appearance of your garden. Landscaping pebbles, stones, and rocks can increase the visual interest of your garden by presenting your eyes with different textures and colours. Moss growing on a weathered stone in a shady area of the garden can look whimsical and inviting, where smooth and uniform rocks will create a more streamlined and minimal look.

What You Can Expect from PBC Landscape Supplies for Your Landscaping Sand in Gold Coast

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an experience that encourages them to revisit us and refer their friends and family.

  • Our staff have all been trained by our owner, Thomas who is an experienced landscaper and has passed his knowledge on to our employees. We can help you determine the sand for your project.
  • Our yard is kept neat and tidy with a large display area for you to explore.
  • We offer a range of products. In our yard, you will find drainage gravel, cracker dust for compacting before you lay a path or coarse river sand for levelling and much more.

Why trust PBC Landscape Supplies for your Landscaping Sand in Gold Coast

PBC Landscape Supplies has been in business for over 20 years. You will find a vast range of sand, fills and gravels for all your construction needs. Along with our knowledgeable owner, our staff is available and happy to answer any questions you may have about your project and our products.

We offer same day delivery! Visit our location to review our full range of landscaping supplies.