Euro ® Stone 400×400


400 x 400 x 40

Colours: Zurich, Prague, Riverina

Euro-stone pavers have a wide range of practical residential and commercial applications. These highest quality, premium linear paving slabs take their colour palette and inspiration from the ancient stone found in classical European ruins.

The textural qualities that the Euro-stone pavers carry are from the surface being exfoliated with light shot blast. This exposes the natural organic aggregates found inside the stone. It creates a beautiful, slip-resistant paver.

The dense weight of the Euro-stone paver makes it extremely durable and strong. If you have a coastal home or beach house, use these pavers to ensure you stepping stones, entertainment area, pathways, and pool surrounds are resistant to salt attacks and corrosion. These consistently calibrated and sized pavers are perfect for easy laying DIY projects.




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