Euro ® Classic 400×400


400 x 400 x 40

Colours Prague, Athens

Inspired by classical European architecture, Euro-classic pavers come in colours evocative of ancient Grecian ruins and soft coastal beach sand. They are perfect to add that something extra to your pool surrounds, courtyard, step treads, or garden paths.

What makes Euro-classic the preferred premium quality concrete pavers of landscapers and DIY gardeners is the flat, smooth surface texture. This makes it ideal for creating exceptional entertainment, patio, courtyard areas, as well as stepping stone pavements and garden paths.

Additionally, when the Euro-classic pavers are attached to a suitably prepared concrete base, they are driveway safe and highly durable. A long-lasting product that will add beauty and value to your property garden and surrounds. Euro-classic is available in classical Athens, elegant Cyprus, practical Prague, and sophisticated Vienna colours.



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