Empire Zoysia


Empire Zoysia lawn really is ‘The Dream Lawn’ and has become the lawn of choice for many due to its amazing characteristics.

It is a premium quality medium blade fine leaf grass, with a soft to touch feel. Zoysia Grass is lush dark green colour, of very low maintenance.  

It requires 4-5 hours full sun per day so is a semi shade tolerant grass

Empire Zoysia is one of the most drought and heat tolerant turf varieties because of its deep root and underground runner system. It grows in clay and sandy soil areas

Zoysia thrives in coastal regions, due to its high salt tolerance.

Empire Zoysia is hard-wearing, durable and robust for children and animals. Zoysia is excellent at out-competing weeds and has good resistance to insects and diseases. 

Ideal for residential yards, sloped areas, parks, sports fields, golf courses, childcare centres etc.

Overall, if you’d rather spend time with your loved ones, and not all weekend mowing and weeding the lawn, then Zoysia Grass is the perfect turf for you.

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